Accord.Net contribution


I contributed to add the Denavit Hartenberg model support to the Accord.Net library and I’m happy today because my contribution has been released !

In my project, I needed to manage the Kinematics of the robot arm, so I tryed it the hard way first (sinus multiplying cosinus all the way round with angles everywhere). Though, I managed to obtain something quite functional. Some time later I found an article talking about the Denavit Hartenberg (DH) transform which made me realize I spent a lot of hard time to calculate my Kinematics… The DH makes it much more easily !! It also offers a good frame for making it more generic to apply it to any robot configuration.

So I then decided to go for it and code it in C# to add it to my toolbox. I built it generic and flexible to allow easy manipulation of complex models and even push it further to allow animation and on-the-fly modification of the model with model combinations. As I’m more comfy when it’s visual, I also developped a visualization module to display what the model looks like and how it’s moving. Then I decided to share it with the Accord.Net community.

Now, enough words, as a drawing is always better than thousands of hours of explanations, give a look below !

DH model sample app

Some links :

Finally I would like to thank Cesar Souza and all the people involved in Accord.Net and AForge.Net for providing us with such great libraries ! Thank you so much !


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