Some news and 2014 project updates

It’s been a while I did not publish anything on my blog… I’m sorry for that ! Poor robot arm, it’s now full of dust, waiting for me for ages… 😉
I was quite busy these days, and I was working on another project, more web oriented which has no link with artificial intelligence !

So well, I decided to go back to my AI experimentations. On my last workings I got stuck working with the camera I installed on the Lynxmotion. The webcam I used was seriously old and the image was kind of redish and blurry… It was also really slow and had no auto focus !! So no point to go any further…

I already worked on projects involving the use of cameras and by using some libraries, I discovered how powerful they were. I saw some functions that I would be curious to try, and the one that excited me much was Stereo Imaging ! I already thought about this possibility before, and even tryied to program my own implementation of the algorithm which did not really success even if it was beginning to work in some way, but was quite slow…
There’s some other functions which may be interesting like the POSIT algorithm, SURF and so on… Here are some stuff to investigate !

I’ll make a special post to explain in details the steps I came through on stereo imaging exploration.

Apart from that, I also have some stuff to publish on this blog such as my work on what follows the servo tweaking : getting the position of each joint of the robot. This is a good step in making some experimentations on AI since you then get data to feed the models with.

I also have in mind to buy me a better computer. I’m starting to feel slow with my installation. I dream of a good computer labeled as « gamer computer » with an Intel Core i something and a heavy NVidia graphics card, with 4 to 8Go of RAM… Mmmh I have to think about it and maybe save some money for that since it’s going to be expensive !!

So well, the next post will be about how I chose the webcam and stuff about installing the webcam on the robot arm.


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