Interesting article about a new vision algorithm

That’s quite curious as I’m just resuming on my projects with vision stuff that an article about some guys from the MIT just found a new vision algorithm ! Coincidence ? Mmmh ?

So here is the article :

Here is the French version (I didn’t forget ya !) :

In my mind, I think it seems to be quite interesting ! It extracts more data from what’s already available today. But well, the point is that it seems to require some laser pointing/measurement system which generally costs a lot of money and is pretty hard to embed on a small system.
Moreover, the article does not mention how long it takes for the algorithm to spit the results out… So we currently don’t know if it is going to be working « realtime » or not…

We have to wait for the presentation in June to have more details probably… Except that, it looks great and it may bring some new stuff in the vision algorithms though !

Time will tell !


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